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  • Songs and shows – The Sound NH

    Margolin and her band, including Nate Therrien, Paul Donahue, and Tom Brown, will be playing throughout the Seacoast this winter and spring in support of Margolin’s 2015 album, “Pivot.” Margolin said an “extra special performance” with all the musicians who worked on the album is slated for The Dance Hall in Kittery on April 16. ... Read the Full Review >>
  • Five Spot: Elissa Margolin – EDGE Magazine

    EDGE: What does music mean to you? What is its role as a communicative tool? Margolin: For me, as a listener, music enhances the present moment. I get such a rush when I connect with what I believe the music is trying to express, even if, especially if, there are no lyrics. The experience can even ... Read the Full Review >>
  • Turning point – The Sound NH

    Elissa Margolin takes a new musical path with “Pivot” by Larry Clow Music has always been a presence in Elissa Margolin’s life, and many times, it’s influenced the direction she’s taken — or, sometimes, the direction she didn’t take. “I go about all things music trying to listen to myself internally,” she says. Margolin’s style as a ... Read the Full Review >>
  • Elissa Margolin releases new album title ‘Pivot’ – EDGE Magazine

    Singer/Songwriter Elissa Margolin last released a record in 2011 with her then band, Fine Line Forming. It’s been a wait, but she’s back with a brand-spanking-new album that picks up on her unique brand of ethereal folk, and expands upon it, adding textures and tricks that keep the listener engaged and enthralled. “Pivot” is just as ... Read the Full Review >>
  • Spotlight Magazine

    “Love Anyway,” the debut recording from Seacoast musician Elissa Margolin, is an ethereal listen. Margolin is a classically trained pianist who challenges the bounds of the instrument, surrounding herself with an all-star cast of characters who really take this project to another level. Read the Full Review >>